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    Things to know about the eyelash extensions

    I was born with no Lot of body hairless. I feel blessed. I am. On the downside, my eyebrows are slim and my lashes light, brief and sparse like my own eyebrows. I really do not wear mascara. I discovered my lashes as it was time to wash 16, falling off combined with mascara. Upon my sister’s I chose to attempt extensions. I have seen other women. Oh, to get those butterfly eyelashes. The eyelash extensions came in three lengths natural and moderate. I moved to the span because my eyelashes are short to start with. The process was dull and long. Each lash extension needed to be glued to my and as any movement resulted in the lash to become twisted I needed to maintain my eyelids closed the whole time, trying my best to not move them.

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    So any pain or distress, there was not one, but for the smell of the adhesive, which was bad. I was the time and that I could not contain my expectation. After the extension process was completed. I looked at the mirror. These are not my eyes. They are too hot tantalizing. OMG again I had to look hard and long in the mirror. I had long eyelashes. But I seemed like I had eyeliner on. My sister and giggled and I giggled like two teens. I walked out of the salon very. I did not take one look in the booklet that has been handed to me personally, the Best Way to Care For directions of my new lush prolific eyelashes. My eyelids felt heavier. Why, obviously. I found that burrowing lashes that were longer demanded getting used to. This night, when it was time to wash my head, I realized two things upon studying my Eyelash Extension Owner’s Manual.

    Rule #1 Prevent or at Least attempt to prevent getting your own eyelash extensions moist. Their life span shortens. In theory, your eyelash extensions beauty salon should last fourteen days, then maintenance to repair the few lashes which have dropped off. I did my best to wash my eyes around. I understood that this company of not getting them moist was unrealistic. Wet them did. I could not get it around. Rule#2 No rubbing your lashes that are new. This one was harder. I had been an offender. I could not help it. My eyelids itching, I rub. More waxing, lashes they are not supposed to continue. They come off should they come off. Three weeks in all my eyelash extensions that was supposed to continue more than lasted.